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Food storage 2.0

Manipulating water molecules with electrical fields to improve shelf life, freshness and taste

A Revolution in Food Preservation Tech

Lucette9 is a groundbreaking food preservation method developed by Japanese scientists after over 20 years of research. It departs from traditional techniques by utilizing a novel “TT-engine” that generates high-voltage electrical fields. This technology fundamentally transforms how food is preserved by manipulating water molecules in the food through electrical fields.

Who should be interested?

Anyone in the food chain


High-end Retailers



Food Transport

With any storage device



Quick Freezer

Prefab Freezer

How does it work?

Regulating Moisture and Oxidation through Electrical Fields

Reduced Drying

Food exposed to an electric field experiences a realignment of water molecules. This hinders the evaporation process, effectively retaining moisture at the surface. Consequently, the food’s texture and overall hydration are better preserved.

Hindered Oxidation

A natural process known as oxidation can negatively affect food by causing undesirable changes like flavor loss, discoloration (browning), and nutrient degradation. The application of an electric field directly charges the food, creating a barrier that impedes this oxidation process.

Battling Bacteria with Electricity

Bacteria, the culprits behind food spoilage, require free water to thrive in perishables. Lucette9’s applied electric field charges the food, which protects existing bound water, crucial for maintaining food quality, while also promoting the binding of free water molecules with the food components. This conversion of free water to bound water hinders bacterial growth.

High Quality Freezing and Thawing

Unlock the secret to lasting freshness and vibrant flavors with our rapid freezing technology. Unlike conventional methods, our system utilizes shock freezing, which preserves the integrity of food cells by drastically accelerating the freezing process. This translates to:

  • By preventing cell rupture, our system minimizes the loss of natural juices, resulting in less dripping during thawing.
  • Hygienic Thawing: We ensure uniform thawing at low temperatures, preventing bacterial growth and maintaining food hygiene.
  • Our technology eliminates the need for daily thawing, allowing you to enjoy fresh, high-quality food for longer.


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