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Wind Energy that works for you

The Future of Energy

Our wind microturbines are the future of clean energy. With cutting-edge “coreless motor” and IoT technology, they generate power around the clock without harming the environment or costing a fortune in upkeep.

Who should be interested?

Anyone with with property in the path of light to medium winds. Meaning, rooftops, empty lots, beachside property – so just about anyone.

Land and homeowners

Municipalities and cities

Residential complexes

Commercial warehouses

Farm and seafront owners

Imminently flexible

Our founders have a software background, and bring the plug-and-play philosophy to the renewable energy arena. Modular Falcon units can be arranged in grids so that you can use your surface area to maximum effect.



Unique design that overcomes low torque to produce the world's one and only brushless DC motors.

Capable of generating power even in light winds (1.5 m/s), so power can be generated at all times.

Propeller turns and generates electricity no matter which way the wind blows.

Easy connection and recharging from the generator directly to the battery.

Generators can be easily connected in parallel or in series, just like ordinary batteries.

Stunningly simple to install, repair, assemble, and use.

Vertical stacking allows for generation of large amount of wind power even with a small installation plane.

Easily installed if the installation site is less than 50M.

Install Anywhere

Our microturbines are super easy to install, setup, operate and maintain. Here are a few examples of where they can be installed.

As a windproof exterior of a house

As a windbreak of a beach

On the roof of a building

As a windproof wall for solar panels

Alongside a coastal road

In Fields and public lots

Along the railroad tracks

As a windbreak of poultry farms


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