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Powering & Empowering Communities with Green Energy

Who are we?

Our company specializes in renewable energy projects and utilizes coreless micro wind turbine technology to empower communities in harnessing wind energy efficiently. Additionally, our procurement team helps businesses make intelligent and cost-effective energy purchases, recognizing that energy represents a significant operational cost. Embracing renewable energy solutions not only benefits the environment but also contributes to a greener, more prosperous future for all.

Our Products

Through a exclusive partnerships with Hitachi and Coreless Motor Co., we offer innovative coreless micro wind turbines that can be deployed in grids and arrays at a low capital investment in houses, buildings, warehouses, farms, and empty lots.

Coreless Motor Company has achieved a breakthrough by developing a unique, brushless DC motor that overcomes the weakness of traditional coreless motors – the inability to deliver high torque due to the absence of copper wires. This innovative design stands as the world’s one and only of its kind.

Our Services

We offer comprehensive energy management solutions, ensuring cost efficiency and savings for our clients. Our services include charge and consumption rate validation, risk management, and securing favorable energy contracts. We excel at identifying and mitigating energy wastage, optimizing data for consumption reduction. With tailored strategies for risk management, our focus is on meeting individual needs for efficient energy management.