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Bridging the Pacific, WinTiva brings together US and Japanese tech leaders to push boundaries in energy, cloud, and IoT. We fuel progress by combining internal know-how with powerful partnerships.

Our Portfolio

Falcon Micro Wind Turbines

Lucette9 Food Preservation

Energy Management


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Deployment & Implementation

Energy Management

Risk Management

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Monitoring & Maintenance

Lucette9 Refrigeration Technology

Food Innovation

Lucette9, a groundbreaking innovation born from years of academic research, revolutionizes food refrigeration and preservation with the power of electrical fields.

This modular technology plugs into existing refrigeration devices and increases the storage life of perishables by 3-4 times.

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Falcon Micro Wind Turbines

Sustainable Energy

Coreless Motor Company has achieved a breakthrough by developing a unique, brushless DC motor that overcomes the weakness of traditional coreless motors – the inability to deliver high torque due to the absence of copper wires. This innovative design stands as the world’s one and only of its kind.

Through a exclusive partnerships with Hitachi and Coreless Motor Co., we offer innovative coreless micro wind turbines that can be deployed in grids and arrays at a low capital investment.

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